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    Selling the Sun

    Our Tenant Power Xchange creates new income for Multi-Tenant Property Owners by distributing solar power to tenants behind their individual utility account meters.
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    Transforming Multi-Tenant Real Estate into

    Sustainable Environments

    youpower™TPX unlocks the power of renewable energy for individually metered, multi-tenant property owners by profitably meeting tenant concerns for carbon footprint reduction and ESG demands.
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    The Ultimate Win-Win

    For Landlords & Tenants

    Tenants receive clean solar power at a discount, and landlords receive a new type of property income resulting in new value for the asset and improved tenant relationships.
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Tenant Power Xchange

Youpower™TPX utilizes the worlds first behind the meter solar sharing and distribution system. While tenants maintain their existing utility account and meter, Youpower™TPX distributes clean power from the on-site solar power system directly to each tenant’s apartment or office. Youpower™TPX utilizes utility grade metering to provide kWh measurement, calculate rate discounts and the specific value of the solar power consumed by each tenant. Youpower™TPX can be integrated with most tenant invoice platforms so that each tenant receives a detailed monthly statement of the discounted solar power they enjoyed.


Tenant Focused

ESG Solutions

The past several years have seen a tectonic shift in demand, from tenants, for buildings that use solar energy to reduce the carbon footprint of the buildings they live and work in.

Youpower™TPX is a market-based solution that focuses on the tenant, yet richly rewards landlords by increasing NOI. The youpower™TPX emphasizes the tenant first by delivering renewable solar energy behind each tenant utility meter at a price that is less than they would otherwise pay the utility. Landlords are rewarded with new monthly income and additional value to the property by meeting tenant demands for renewable energy. Benefitting both landlords and their tenants, youpower™ has cracked the code for multi-tenant solar! 

BRAD DOTSON | President & CEO


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Solar Energy

Solar PV Panels turn light from the sun into carbon free renewable energy

Solar Distribution

On-site solar energy is sent to the youpower™TPX which divides it, then sends it to each tenant


Landlords receive new monthly income for the solar power provided to each tenant

Battery Storage

Youpower™TPX is easily integrated with most types of battery storage


Tenants have the benefit of clean renewable solar power, while keeping their utility account for their supplemental power needs

Office Building

Low rise office buildings can provide this same benefit to their commercial tenants



Changing the way youpower™ your world. youpower™平台为幸运飞行艇提供了全方位的服务,从官方开奖网直播记录,到168开奖历史查询,再到最新开奖号码的获取和计划软件的使用。无论您是新手还是老粉丝,这个平台都能为您带来优质的游戏体验和专业的数据支持。 Youpower™ liberates landlords and tenants from the monopoly control of the utility.

Tenants of residential apartments as well as low-rise office buildings have largely been locked out of the benefits of on-site solar power. Because tenants are responsible for paying the electric bill in most apartment units and office buildings, landlords have no direct financial incentive to install solar energy systems on their rental properties.

Youpower™ creates new income for landlords by enabling the sale of on-site solar power to their tenants. Youpower™TPX digitizes and divides solar energy then delivers it in measurable metered amounts to their tenants for consumption at a price that is lower than they would otherwise pay the utility. 

For the Landlord

  • Provide Renewable Power to your Tenant
  • New Income through solar energy sales
  • +NOI creates new value for the property
  • Meet increasing ESG demands

For the Tenant

  • Keep your utility account & meter
  • Consume solar power generated on-site
  • Pay a discounted rate for solar power
  • Utility provider remains available as before

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